Shipping Information

All parcels should be shipped to:

Bison Saddlery
6220 Jasper Rd.
Helena, MT 59602

When shipping saddles and tack to the shop it is advised that you follow a few basic steps:

  • When using recycled cartons make certain that they are in good shape; no holes, cuts or missing flaps.
  • Use a carton that is large enough to adequately accommodate the item.
  • Suspend or “float” heavier item (saddles, harness, etc.) in the center of the carton by the use of foam peanuts, bubble wrap or wadded paper. Saddles usually ship best when placed in carton upside down.
  • Use a good grade of packing or strapping tape to seal the carton. Do not use masking or adhesive tape.
  • Include your name, shipping address, daytime phone number and e-mail address with the package.
  • Insure the parcel for its full value and get a tracking number from the carrier.
  • Email or phone me at the shop to let me know that the package is enroute. If it does not arrive in a reasonable amount of time I will take steps to track it.

When an item is ready to be returned I will notify you by phone or e-mail to advise you of the day it is shipped. It will be carefully packed, insured and shipped, usually via Fed-Ex Ground. Other carriers and methods can be employed if you prefer, with the costs varying accordingly. You will be notified as to the exact shipping and insurance cost at the time the item is packed and weighed. If you’ve any questions please do not hesitate to phone or email me.