Welcome to Bison Saddlery

Steve at Work BenchHello, and thank you for taking the time to stop by. If you have been searching for a truly custom leather shop you have come to the right site. Here you will find examples of a wide variety of leather items – from custom saddles and tack to historical reproductions, all types of leather cases, gun leather and various other custom leather articles. Those seeking the finest in custom, handmade English saddles, tack and repairs will discover a craftsman experienced in every aspect of the English saddlery trade. In my more than 40 years in the saddlery and leather trade I have been called upon to build and/or repair everything from elephant harness and jousting saddles to equine prosthetics and dressage saddlery to high fashion cases and living history museum reproductions.

While the mainstays of my shop are primarily custom saddles (both English and western) and repairs, I am always happy to discuss leather projects of nearly any type. It is very seldom that I build the same item twice – virtually every article that leaves the shop is a one-of-a-kind piece. I use leathers from native, U.S. cattle tanned here in the states, the exceptions being the leathers which I use in the crafting of English saddles and tack. These are imported from England, France, Germany or Italy, which are from European cattle and tanned in their respective countries. I try, whenever possible, to use hardware from either the U.S. or Europe but, sadly, most companies have moved their operations to the Far East, and often they are the only source for much of the saddlery hardware. Again, the exception being the hardware used in the manufacture of English saddles and tack, most of which is imported from either England or Germany. Every item is made in the U.S.A. in Helena, Montana by me, personally. The great majority of the work is done by hand, including much of the stitching (particularly in the English saddles & tack, reproductions and repairs). All edges are creased, burnished and dyed by hand. The design of most of the hand tools found in my shop has not changed in hundreds of years, nor has their method of use; still yielding items of lasting quality and beauty of which anyone would be proud.

Your inquiries, input and suggestions are always welcomed and your complete satisfaction with all work done in my shop is guaranteed. You are assured of receiving only the finest quality in both workmanship and materials. Please browse the pages and let me know if I may apply my experience, dedication and expertise to your next leather project.