Price List for Common Repairs

Below are the costs of common English saddle and tack repairs. The prices reflect a minimum price for the listed repair; the actual cost may vary depending upon the individual item, its condition and its particular repair requirements. Bison Saddlery reserves the right to adjust prices for repairs based on each individual piece. All prices include material costs (leather, hardware, etc.). Genuine imported English leather is used for all custom English saddles and tack items, while repairs employ a combination of both imported and domestic leathers. Only the highest grade of domestic leathers is used. The client’s satisfaction is always guaranteed and special requests and/or instructions are welcomed. Turnaround time will vary depending upon the current work load, but generally does not exceed two weeks from the time the item is received.



  Repair broken tree (depending upon break) $255.00
  Seat Replacement $650.00
  Re-attach stirrup bar (both) $100.00
  Re-attach stirrup bar (one) $85.00
  New stirrup bars (one) $150.00
  New stirrup bars (both) $210.00
  Add flock to panels $60.00
  Remove old flock and replace with new virgin wool flock $225.00
  Convert felt/foam panels to wool flock $365.00
  New suede knee pads (with new rubber and lining leather), per pair $155.00
  Re-cover knee pads (retaining old rubber and lining leather), per pair $90.00
  New knee or calf blocks, per pair $125.00
  Restitch panels at pommel $16.00
  Restitch panels at cantle $34.00
  Restitch one billet (includes cost of stitching pommel) $30.00
  Each additional billet $12.00
  Replace one billet (includes cost of stitching pommel) Regular $38.00
  Replace one billet (includes cost of stitching pommel) Dressage $46.00
  Each additional billet – Regular $20.00
  Each additional billet – Dressage $28.00
  2 new dees at cantle $58.00
  2 new breastplate dees $54.00
  New leather keeper on flap, each $20.00
  Convert standard billet system to “Y” system $210.00


  New girth elastic (doubled), per pair $54.00
  New girth elastic (tripled), per pair $58.00
  New girth buckle, each $22.00

Stirrup Leathers

  Restitch, triple line of stitching, each $18.00
  Stainless steel attachment w/new buckle, each $25.00
  New buckle, each $21.00


  Sew in bit (four points) $42.00
  Sew in bit (six points) $54.00
  Replace hook stud, each $28.00
  Replace hook stud, with new leather and keepers, each $42.00
  Shorten cheek, throatlatch, noseband etc. at buckle, each $25.00


  Replace other hardware (buckles etc.), each $25.00
  Add flash loop to noseband $18.00
  New flash strap $40.00
  Relace reins (each) $42.00
  Relace reins (pair) $68.00
  New rubber on reins, pair $58.00